Summary: The Drover’s Wife

This summary deals with the short story „The Drover’s Wife“, written by Murray Bail in the year 1945.

The story starts with a men who has not seen his wife about for years. He is living in the small town Adelaide raising his children on his own. He has a photo of his missing wife. Hazel, the missing wife, is a woman which left her family because of an other man she loves, a drover. All over the time, the man searched for a answer why she ran away, for his kids, too.


3 Responses to Summary: The Drover’s Wife

  1. Dear Axel Traksel( 😉 ),
    Our sentence for : He is living in the small town Adelaide educating Trevor and Kay alone.

  2. edit: Deike, Saskia and Christin :-*

  3. timoen107 says:

    understandable summary, but you schould improve your use of words.
    for example:
    – dont use the same beginning with two following sentences
    – try to find vocabulray, fitting to the context

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